Copic Hair Tutorial, Light Brown

Hey crafty peeps! Today, I thought it would be fun to color a new image from Some Odd Girl, Hula Mae! I want to focus on her hair, using one of my go-to and favorite color combinations:
E30, E31, E33, E35, E37, and E59.

I start with a base layer of E30, coloring all of the hair with this lightest shade. Next, I add subtle strokes of E31, making sure to leave plenty of highlights.

E33 is the next color to add, which really starts to define where your darker hair will be, still leaving some highlights. The next two colors, E35 and E37 will add even more depth to the brown hair color.

After these are applied, I go back in with E30 and blend a little bit; it’s important not to over blend here, as you want to leave visible brush strokes, giving the look of texture.

For the final color, I add E59 with a very light hand. This darkest color really gives you some nice contrast.

There are so many ways to color hair with Copic markers. I like to use a lot of colors so you achieve the textured and dimensional look of real hair. I almost never leave white highlights.

I do get requests on Instagram for videos, and I will work on that, but for now I hope this little photo tutorial is helpful.










Hula Mae, all colored and ready for a card!


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